Tuesday, October 1, 2013

22 Days US east coast and west coast Trip Photos

Its been a quite some time since I went for holiday overseas and have been thinking of going for a trip but not really sure where i want to go. Since my sister is getting married in the states might as well attend the wedding and have a holiday there. Took sometime to plan for the trip and ended up staying with my sister for 7days and touring the USA for 15days heheheheh.... was fun but tiring.

Week 1 - Chicago
Chicago The Windy City. The name says it all, its windy all the time. Among all the places I visited, i really like Chicago. Nothing much in Chicago but its really a good place to stay. The people are quite friendly and food are reasonable price.

Chicago Train station

Chicago Theater Downtown Chicago, where Transformer was film
The Bean Chicago main attraction

The Great lake - Lake Michigan

Limo for the Wedding

Garden Wedding at the Great lake - Lake Michigan

Chicago Town View from the Lake

Oldest Surviving Building in Chicago Water tower

Chicago Famous Pizza

Week 2 - East Coast (New york, DC, Niagara Falls, Boston)
East Cost trip was nice as well, the tour we join was not too bad. I enjoy the trip to Niagara falls even though it was a long way there but the scene was awesome. New york city was so so... too crowded for my liking.
Flushing - One of the few China Town in New York

New York - Manhattan

The Empire State Building Main Entrance

The Information of Empire State building on the way up to the top

New York - Manhattan View from the Empire State Building

The Famous Wall St.

New York - Manhattan Cruise View

Brooklyn Brigde

The Famous Lady Liberty

The Space Shuttle Enterprise

New York - Manhattan Night town

DC - The Korean Memorial Wall.

The Lincoln Memorial Building

The Lincoln Memorial Statue

The Famous Waterfall - Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls looking over to Canada
 Week 2 - West Coast ( Las Vegas, LA, San Francisco )
West Coast trip was a disaster because of the the tour (will blog about the tours companies on my next blog). Did not really enjoy the west coast as much as the east coast. The only thing I really enjoy was Disneyland and Universal Studio which we when by ourself after the tours end.

Grand Canyon South Rim

Hoover Dam Nevada

Las Vegas - Treasure Island

M&M Chocolate Factory

Santa Barbara Beach

Solvang Denmark Village

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco


Yosemite National Park Granite Wall Formation

Day time in Disneyland
Disney Night Parade

Universal Studios

Delorean in Universal Studio

Universal Studio Show cars

Cars you see in Movies :)

Star Walk Hollywood

I hope everybody like the photo i posted. I will write more about the trip on my later blogs. As i mention earlier i will comment on the tour companies I join and also a blog how to visit USA from getting your visa to details of food/hotel price.

Do leave a comment on what you think or maybe what else you all want to know.