Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Are we in trouble? #Ringgit Malaysia All time low.....

I was planning my US trip since early of the year to attend my sister's wedding in the states. Then US dollar is between  2.98 -3.05 Ringgit per 1 US dollar ( Early of the year before the Malaysia General Election on 5TH May 2013). Things look very positive and i was waiting for the US exchange rate to fall further. But after the Malaysia general election things did not look so good after all. This month Ringgit Malaysia have fallen to an all time low since 1997 ( 1USD = 3.33 RM , that a 10% increase on what what we need to pay to get 1USD early of the year). Bad news for me, my expenses for this coming trip will cost me 10% more. Below calculation will tell show you why :-

Early 2013 exchange rate 1USD = 3RM

Trip total cost USD 8000 = RM 24000

Now August 2013 exchange rate 1USD = 3.33RM

Trip total cost USD 8000 = RM 26640.

Difference = RM 2640 ( I have to pay extra for the same thing )

Well that's only my personal expenses I am talking about, but as a country we heading towards a very bad situation...#inflation #Price increase and many others negative factors. I really wonder what the government is doing about this. For me personally, I do not have have any confidence with the Government under the current administration. Hope for the best prepare for the worse that's all  I can say....

Malaysian Ringgits (MYR) to 1 US Dollar (USD)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Travel Soon New Camera

Its been a while since I when for a holiday, my last trip was to Thailand and it was way back in 2009. Always want to travel and shoot some nice photos for my own collection and for sale online. Looking for a good camera to buy for a long while. The last camera i use was a Nikon D90 which is a very good camera but just a bit heavy to travel with. So Decided to buy the mirrorless camera that's as versatile as a DSLR, light and portable. So been tinkering between a few camera, the Sony NEX a bit too pricey, Nikon 1 small sensor, Olympus? nope...,Fuji total out of the question. Finally last weekend there were a camera fair in mid valley ( Small one by Fotokem ). All brands was there and I was walking around after dinner thinking which one to buy. Finally bought the....jeng jeng jeeengg jeeennngg
Yes the Canon EOS M....hahahahaha... the camera that was not even in my list. Well why i bought it?, i think it was impulsive buying (bought this last min just before closing )...hahahahaha. Girls..not only you ppl have this problem guys too.. Anyway been playing with for few days, updated its firmware and look at a lot review on  the camera. Frankly its not the best mirrorless camera in the market but its not bad in my opinion. Will be on my trip soon and will come back with photos from this camera. You guys out other there can judge for yourself the quality of the camera from the photos ( Good or Bad ). Till then byeeee.....

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sharing my thoughts even thou its worth nothing more than 2 cents.

I have always been very talkative speaking my mind all the time. Sometimes too much opinion from me, really get some of my friends annoy. So decided to share my 2 cents opinion in a blog and see if there is anybody out there that would like to know what i been thinking and my opinions :). Here i share my thoughts and opinion on anything and everything that i am thinking of at that time. Will also share some travel Photos and experience as well. Hope I get more ppl visiting me here. So for the meantime adios!!....

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