Friday, December 6, 2013

Reid Commission is the beginning of all our problems and left us with what we are today!

I remember during school days when we attend Sejarah ( History ) Class and we learn about the Reid Commission the draft that leads to Malaysia Independence. Back then I did not know whats it all about and we just accepted what we read in the books. Now that I am much older and did more reading about the Reid Commission I personally think that the members of the commission is made up of pure racist idiots. These are the Idiots below:-

Although Tunku Abdul Rahman and the Malay rulers had asked the Reid Commission to ensure that "in an independent Malaya all nationals should be accorded equal rights, privileges and opportunities and there must not be discrimination on grounds of race and creed," the Malay's special position, which many in the ruling United Malays National Organisation backed, were cited as necessary by the Reid Commission as a form of affirmative action. These controversial measures were included as Articles 3, 152 and 153 of the Constitution

Question 1

Why did Reid Commission cited that Malay's special position is necessary? 

The reason is that most of the Malay at that time was very poor and under privilege, so protect their right to live. But at the moment in time i do believe that there others that poor and under privilege right? I am sure there are poor Chinese, India and etc at the moment in time too. Why did the Reid Commission Focus on one race? Its because they are stupid, If its not that then they are racist. And these so call expert that form the commission is appointed by the Queen of England.

Question 2

Why the Malay? why not the  indigenous peoples of Malaysia?

I really don't understand why the commission choose to protect the Malay as priority? They are same as the Chinese and the Indian which is also immigrant. Just earlier immigrant, the first people that they should take into consideration should be the  indigenous peoples of Malaysia which is the orang asli which till today still live in poverty. I got to say the Reid Commission is a failure and a disgrace. Damn those racist members.

Question 3

Why make the matter worse? Article 153? Stupid move

I am not going to comment about article 153 its a long story but please do read in wiki all Malaysian must know about it. Just click the link below

In Conclusion, I personally think its Britain faulty and the Queens faulty that Malaysia is in this bad shape today. Why? Because they form a stupid racist commission to draft the Constitution of the Federation of Malaya which had a lot negative racist impact on the country.

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